‘MORP’ Proves a Blast for Ridge Point Seniors
April 27, 2021

As we all know, this has not been a normal school year for kids of any age.  I have a senior in high school and we questioned if there would be a prom this year (his college freshman brother did not have one last year). I was very happy when we got the news that Ridge Point was committed to some type of celebration and dance for these students who would soon graduate.

They named it MORP (Prom backward) because it would not be typical. I admit when I first heard it would be outdoors on the football field and only two hours long, I was a bit disappointed for them. I should have known it would be great and it was. God blessed them with PERFECT weather and the field looked AMAZING. I was so impressed with the fireworks (which I could see from my house) and every kid I talked to said they had a total blast. Parents of RPHS seniors are very blessed to have Ms. Markel and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this special night happen.


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