Hope Advocates
March 21, 2021

Hope Advocates is a group of Sienna residents who involve their children in service-oriented projects that use their time and talents to help people in need in our local community.

Hope was a HUGE blessing to Sienna in the aftermath of Harvey. After the crazy weather that hit Houston from Siberia (I actually read that is where our freezing weather originated) Hope Advocates posted on social media that they wanted to help anyone in Sienna who had pipes burst. They stated that although they were not plumbers or professional contractors, they had several men who had some skill and were wanting to help since plumbers were overwhelmed and most were being put on long waitlists.  I personally know of a few people who welcomed this offer and took them up on it. If you want to help others alongside your kiddos, read more about them at www.hopeadvocates.org.


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