Fort Bend Breaks for 2 Weeks
March 12, 2021

Fort Bend ISD decided to take two full weeks off for this year’s Spring Break, in part, to give the kids who are needing extra help the chance to get it before starting the final nine weeks of school.

Most of the families that I know with kids in the district are using this as an opportunity to extend their travel plans. This year, we did not have to choose between the mountains and the beach. My husband cannot take two weeks off, so it was decided that he would take our senior in high school skiing in Utah the first week and I would take him to a beach house in Galveston with friends the second week. Initially, I thought this was a bit over-indulgent, but then again, his senior year has not been nearly as fun as we had hoped it would be. We’re blessed and have made the best of it for sure, but I am glad for the extra time off and hope all students get to have a bit of extra fun after two tough semesters with this pandemic. Goodness knows our teachers have had to work extra hard, so I hope they too enjoy at least a few extra days and benefit from the district’s decision. 


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