Winter is for Soup
January 22, 2021

I’ve always preferred certain foods in certain weather. I think I get this from my Mom who only made chili in the winter and cold boiled shrimp in the summer. I love to use the crockpot but find those recipes only appeal to me on cold weather days and we have so many more warm days, it seems. Makes sense that to me soup is only really good if I’m sick or if it’s cold outside. 

I came across a recipe blog where the blogger talked about how soup literally warms you up from the inside out. This just proves my point and got me in the mood to make some good homemade soups before Spring arrives. One recipe that caught my attention was called No-Tomato Chicken Tortilla Soup. I don’t really like tomato sauce. I tend to shy away from ordering anything in restaurants that are tomato-based. I printed that recipe, along with one called Old-Fashioned Good Luck Soup and an easy broccoli cheddar soup recipe. So far, I’ve only printed these and ordered my curbside from H-E-B. I’ll have to report on how popular they were with the family on a future post. If they are not quick & easy, I honestly won’t care much how popular they are.  :)


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