January 27, 2021

If you’ve had a high school graduate in recent years, you probably know how important senior pictures have become. The trend is to send a professional (and amazingly wonderful) picture of your almost grown child with the graduation announcement. This was not done back in 1986 when I graduated, but it is now.

Enter Tara Bennet of Taraloo. Tara is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to capturing these kids at their best. No forced smiles here because she knows how to crack them up at just the right time. Tara has a senior herself this year, so I think it’s been especially fun this time around for her. You might be thinking that January is not graduation time, but if you want to use Taraloo, you better book early. She books a maximum of 70 graduates each year and we parents get around 80 poses to choose from. Of course, she does more than photograph high school seniors but in my opinion, this is her specialty. From selecting the perfect location to helping you decide what clothes are worn, she seems to think of everything. 

Her website is awesome and even if you don’t have a graduate this year, you might enjoy checking it out when you do need to hire a gifted photographer.   


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