Young Life during the Pandemic
December 05, 2020

Young Life wants all kids to know Christ and the abundant life they can have when they know Him.  They next want to create authentic relationships with these kids. It has been a very challenging year with the lockdown and then the need to social distance, and they’ve had to get creative to make this happen. They had to “back to basics” as their leader explained and get with kids one at a time because they could not have big group. They also pointed out to each of these students that God can use anything for good. This was a needed reminder to lots of teens who’ve struggled during this time of isolation. I talked to one who was very thankful for their YL leader who continued to check on them each week by calling or texting. They had lots of Zoom calls with groups of kids, as well. The next big challenge for YL this year was fundraising. They operate on a 100 percent donation base. I normally attend the annual fundraiser dinner and always enjoy it as we get to hear from kids who’ve been blessed by Young Life. They were unable to have the dinner this year so they mailed us all a QR code to scan to watch a video. They did a great job at getting creative with keeping in touch and in fundraising both. I know the kids involved with YL will benefit from it. If you’d like to consider giving, please email   

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