The Spine and Sports Center
November 25, 2020

About two months, ago I started having a pain in my lower back. I work out at Orange Theory and we’d done lots of rowing that week so I took some Aleve and didn't think much of it. A few days later, the pain started radiating down my left leg and I was having trouble getting up from a sitting position. I knew I needed to see someone, but I had no back pain history and was clueless on where to start.  Someone suggested I see Dr. Benny at the Spine and Sports Center and I’m so glad I listened.  They had me complete all the paperwork for first-time patients online and this saved so much time. I filled out a long questionnaire about my pain and by the time I saw the doctor, he had an idea of what was going on. I like the fact that Dr. Benny did not order a bunch of expensive tests right off the bat. He did one X-ray, prescribed me a five-day steroid dose, as well as physical therapy, and scheduled a follow-up appointment for two weeks away. I felt like a new person within 48 hours and after hurting for almost two weeks I was on cloud 9. It’s not fun to be in pain (I’m very thankful that I’m not often in pain and feel for those who are) but I received wonderful care and highly recommend the Spine and Sports Center to anyone with back, joint or leg pain. They have multiple offices, one of which is in Sugar Land.

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