Drive-Thru Boo
October 21, 2020

Once again, Sienna is the place to be in October! We’ve always had fun Halloween events for kiddos here, and this year was no different. A new event took place on Friday, October 16th, called DRIVE-THRU BOO. It took place in Heritage Park (a beautiful new neighborhood in Sawmill) and I’m told it was a big hit. Residents decorated their cars, signed up for a time slot and drove thru while the kids got to do some contactless trick-or-treating. Was this a great idea or what? There were prizes given, a DJ playing music and Frankenstein showed up, too. The fact that you had to pre-register ensured that there was no log jam and no impatient kids waiting for their candy. Next up: Sienna’s SPOOKTACULAR TRAILS! You can read about that here

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