Screening for Colon Cancer
September 29, 2020

One of the many not so fun things about turning 50 is reading it’s time to get a colonoscopy.  I actually recently read that they have lowered the age they recommend you have your first one and it’s now age 45 (with no risk factors). High risk factors for colon cancer are personal history of polyps, colorectal or uterine cancers, being African American, obesity, personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, smoking or being over age 50. The good news is that if you have no polyps, most doctors will let you go five or even 10 years before scheduling another colonoscopy. If you do have them, it’s likely they will want to do another one in one to three  years. I kept hearing that the actual procedure was no big deal but that the prep the day before was the bad part. I’d agree with that, as the procedure itself is really a great excuse for the best nap of your life after getting home.  This is evidently due to the drug they use to sedate you. It is not general anesthesia and it’s a drug they can wake you up quickly from, but it also leaves you a bit sleepy and relaxed. I remember being extremely hungry after mine and that's not surprising since you cannot eat at all the day before. If you like the idea of a good meal, followed by a great nap, you might not mind your first colonoscopy all that much. If you need to find a doctor, visit

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