Help for Online Learners
September 27, 2020

There are several businesses in Fort Bend that are partnering with Fort Bend ISD to assist families in making the most of online learning. Lots of parents have been frustrated with the online learning process these past few months. This is not a problem only in Fort Bend, but all over our nation. It’s been obvious that some children just do not thrive in this learning environment, while others do fine and even prefer it. If you are one who would like a bit of outside help, it’s out there. I’ve read about “learning pods” set up in homes and I’m now reading about businesses that are working alongside FBISD to help working parents and also parents who don’t feel qualified to offer the help their child needs. I found a list of such places on the FBISD website. A few that I read about are: A Creative Genius Learning Academy, Creative Minds, GradePower Learning, Sharp Minds Academy, Kiddie Academy of Missouri City and Study Dorm.You can go to to learn more.

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