Fort Bend Boys Choir
September 26, 2020

The Fort Bend Boys Choir has members who range between the ages of 8-12.  In the past they were a group of around 100 boys, but due to the pandemic — as well as boys phasing out — the group currently is about half that size.  This pandemic has required changes for sure, but they are making the best of it. Bill Adams is their director and teaches them more than to harmonize. He says the boys are learning about life, community and themselves.  Mr. Adams has made sure the group has adhered to the guidelines outlined by the CDC and makes safety a priority.  Due to local regulations limiting the size of gatherings, performances will be limited this holiday season, but all are hopeful that they will be able to sing safely for several groups in the coming months. This is a very talented group of boys who performs songs even the Houston Symphony Chorus considers challenging.  I heard them sing the National Anthem a few years ago at a Texans games and have wanted to hear them again ever since.  

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