September 16, 2020

Reliant is who distributes power to Sienna. Recently when it appeared as if a hurricane might come in at Galveston, several of us could not help but remember Hurricane Ike in 2008 and being without power for over a week. A few days later when this hurricane turned (as it often does thankfully), I read an article about Reliant and all the improvements and upgrades since Ike. The author of the article said if another hurricane exactly like Ike were to hit today, it’s very likely that our disruption would be far less severe. Reliant is owned by NRG Energy, a Fortune 500 company, and they provide power to millions of homes and businesses across the state. One thing I really like about Reliant is their text alert system. Once you sign up for this service, any time there is a power outage at your address that they know about, they send you text messages with estimates on the timeframe for repairs. It’s very helpful information when your freezer is full of deer meat. It’s even more helpful when it’s 99 degrees outside and you are googling local hotels to look at pricing. 

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