August 26, 2020

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil has become very popular, but my husband refers to it as “snake oil." When I handed him an article about him possibly getting migraine relief from it, the eye-rolling started. I ignored his negativity and ordered some online anyway (imagine that). It was not cheap. I  have friends who swear by it for a host of reasons. I’ve heard it not only helps with pain, but it calms anxiety (in dogs and people), helps you sleep, reduces hunger and even improves memory. When we received it I had to guess at how many drops to give him after reading some blogs since there is no exact dosage. He tried it nightly for a few weeks. He felt absolutely nothing and enjoyed the “I told you so, now quit spending money” speech (my turn with the eye roll). I later read that lots of people have wasted money on fake CBD products. Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy is the place I’d consider buying it next time if I could get Matt to give it another try. They claim all of their CBD products have been analytically certified and that getting it from them means what we are buying is the real deal. I will also assume that if I were to talk with them about the dosage, I might get some valid information. Campbell's has a location in Sugar Land on Sweetwater Blvd. www.campbellscompounding.com 





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