Dr. Julia Ward
July 23, 2020


Now that I’m on the backside of 50, it seems like my friends & I are starting to do what our Moms did many moons ago- discuss how to find a doctor that can help us sleep better, not gain weight and have more energy.  I’m super healthy and honestly feel pretty great most of the time but I cannot stop the clock. and am concerned I may soon have some of the complaints others in their 50’s seem to have.  I’ve got at least 3 friends who claim Dr. Ward is someone who can help.  Dr. Ward’s advertisement mentions “balanced body functional medicine”.  I just know that since going to her, my friends are sleeping & feeling better.  She does do Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (for men as well) and she also does Micronutrient testing.  What I think sounds fabulous is that you can make a FREE 30 minute consultation appointment to see if you think she might can help you if you are having issues.  She is located on Town Center Blvd. in Sugar Land and you can email her at info@balancedbodyfunctionalmed.com 



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