July 20, 2020

Everyone laughs at the length of the CVS printed receipt.   What used to annoy me the most was that almost all of the coupons on the receipt expired within a few days.  If I needed something that soon from CVS, I’d have purchased it today and have no plans to be back at CVS within the next 5 days.   One day at while checking out, the cashier handed me my two mile long receipt and I rolled my eyes a bit (not proud of that) and as she looked at my ungrateful face, I explained the coupons were worthless to me.  She then told me about the Carepass.   I normally say “no thanks” quickly but I’m glad I listened to her.  For $5 a month, I get a $10 off my total each month.  In addition to that 5 dollar savings, I get free prescription delivery and 20% off CVS brands every day.  They also mail me special coupons for being a Carepass member.  I recently got one that said “30% off your entire purchase”.  When I got to the register that day, the cashier said “wow- you just got 36 bucks off!”.  I will never again laugh (or roll my eyes) at my two mile long CVS receipt.  

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