Praise the Lord I live in Sienna
July 27, 2020

I’ve written about the various Sienna Facebook groups in the past.  I found a new one last week and it’s become my very favorite.  Just when you think you are tired of negative news, a wonderful resident (who I hope to meet soon!) decides to start PRAISE THE LORD I LIVE IN SIENNA as a Facebook group.  I clicked “join group” the minute I saw the invite in my news feed.  Right off the bat I saw the cutest picture I’ve ever seen. The page is what you’d think it is- a place that makes you stop & count your blessings.  The Administrator invites its members to state why they are happy they live in Sienna.  Pictures are welcome and I saw several great ones.  Several people said they love all the pretty places to take long walks & running into friendly neighbors while walking.   Lots of people mentioned the gorgeous sunsets we’ve had during this Pandemic.  Someone else shared several inspirational quotes and said she’s thankful that she lives near people who remember to be thankful.  I’m making it a point to go to that page anytime I get on Facebook because it’s time well spent- being thankful always is.

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