Mask Up
June 21, 2020

Regardless of how you feel about wearing a face mask,  you'll probably agree we're going to see them around for a while.  It's all the talk on the Facebook group pages and I'm seeing lots of ads for them.  Harris County issued an order for face masks that went into effect on June 22nd.  Fort Bend County is now seeking resident input on whether a similar order should be implemented here.  County Judge KP George has stated he really wants to know what we think and a link for the survey was provided.   I looked at the survey and not only does it ask what you think about face coverings while in retail stores,  but it also has a spot to ask questions and provide feedback.  From what I have seen and read, more and more people are starting to wear them and encourage others to as well.  I got a notice from the college in Texas my son will be attending informing us that masks will be required when anywhere on campus starting in July.  If you need some, there are plenty to be found online at Mask For It, Etsy and other sites. If you'd rather pick some out in person, try Shari Sue at the front of Sienna next to Jimmy John's.

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