FBISD Focus Group is formed
June 16, 2020

Fort Bend ISD sent an email out in May asking parents of enrolled students if they'd be interested in serving in a focus group session regarding various pathways to relaunch school in August.  The letter went on to say that the District believed parents have valuable insight to share as they prepare for potential future Covid disruptions.  A link was provided for anyone interested to fill out and two meeting dates were given.  I did not serve in this group but do know someone who did.  I was very pleased the district gave parents this opportunity. I feel this shows they are doing their due dilligence and trying their best to meet the needs of students during a difficult time.  Obviously there are no easy answers.  My friend did indicate that the meeting was well attended, well run and gave her confidence that a rush decision was not being made.  At this point in late June, we've been told that the District is working on a Hybrid model of school attendance.  The details are not yet known except as of now, our start date remains August 12, 2020 and families will have a complete online option if they do not feel comfortable with their child returning to a campus.    This coming school year will be my last to have a child enrolled in FBISD, as he will be a Senior.  I'm thankful that it sounds like he will get some face to face instruction and I'm thankful that our district is working hard to give parents options during such an uncertain time.

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