Drive by Parties
June 19, 2020

We all heard we needed to get creative to Party back in late April and Sienna stepped up.  There have been so many Drive By parties these last few months, now when we hear horns honking loudly we barely look up!  Parents have thought of all sorts of ways to celebrate the Sienna kids during the stay at home order.  I've seen the Fort Bend County Sherrif's department participate in drive by parties and I've seen our local Firemen pull up and use a bullhorn to sing Happy Birthday a few times.  In additon to getting a cute sign for the yard, parents of kids invited to the drive bys have decorated their cars and made some great posters.  My next door neighbor had a son turning 19 and I was surprised to see so many "big kids"  parked up & down the street loudly singing Happy Birthday to him.  It's been a great excuse to get out of the house & an easy way to make someone smile.  I wonder if years from now these kids will tell their kids about the drive by birthday parties they had in 2020.

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