Ridge Point Class of 2020
June 25, 2020

My oldest is a member of the Ridge Point Class of 2020.   I've been very thankful these past few months that Zachary is so laid back.  Obviously he felt some disappointment in there being no Prom or Senior Skip day but he's taken it all in stride.   In true Sienna fashion, this community did lots of things to make these Seniors feel special.  First there was the "Adopt a Senior" Facebook group.  Parents were encouraged to put a picture & write a blurb about thier Senior so others could adopt them.  Adopting a Senior simply meant you'd do something for them- big or small was not the point; you were agreeing to let them know you care & are proud of them.   I could not wait to get a girl (Boy Mom here).   I got an ADORABLE high achiever named Malena.  I had fun getting little things together for her. Zack got adopted by a few wonderful ladies who put a huge smile on his face when they showed up with fast food gift cards.  Next came the Senior Parade.  Sienna turned out in HUGE numbers as our Seniors drove by in decorated cars & trucks honking thier horns.  So many neighbors who did not have a graduating senior came out to support these kiddos.  It was so fun and made us all feel like we really are living in a small Texas town.  Lastly we were able to have a Graduation ceremony outdoors and it was awesome.  FBISD did a great job and it was live streamed for Grandma who did not feel she should attend.  Although I didn't love the last few months of this school year, I sure did love the way so many worked  hard to make it what it was for these graduates!

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