Keeping in touch with the elderly
March 30, 2020

We've been told that nursing homes were asking people not to visit. I have a friend who goes to see her grandmother every single week without fail and she has been distressed about not being able to be with her for a while.  Lots of people are in this same spot as far as wanting to see an elderly loved one, but knowing it's not best for them right now.  My mother is in an assisted living facility and we are talking on the phone daily, but since I cannot go see her, I'm trying to think of other ways to reach out. She cannot use her iPad, computer or cell phone anymore. I'm sure several people have been tyring to come up with ways to stay connected to the elderly. I know that my church is having our youth prepare cards for those living in nursing homes and those cards will be delivered next week. Another great idea is from my friend  who decided to order a yard sign for her Mother who lives in a nursing home. She said she did not want to put her Mom's name on it because she wanted all the residents to see it and know it was for them. I love that a time of crisis can also be a time that makes people feel special and cared for. I hope together we can all help those who might feel the most isolated during these next few weeks.

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