a' Bouzy
February 25, 2020

I was recently invited to celebrate a sweet Sienna friend at a restaurant in Houston called a' Bouzy. This small birthday party was at lunchtime and I was excited about going to place I had not been.   It is a truly beautiful space. We were seated at a round table for 8 in a back corner.  I love round tables and being able to see everyone that I am with.  I do not drink white wine (I realize this is strange to most) but I like Champagne and a' Bouzy has a great selection of it, as well as 1,000 labels of wine from all around the world.  We decided to order a bottle of Champagne to toast our beatiful Stacie and then order a few things to share.  The Champagne/Sparkling list had glasses that range in price from $12 to $2000 a glass.  I knew then we were in a place I'd want to come back to. The food was wonderful.  We had amazing mushroom stuffed ravoli, cauliflower that I'd swear was not cauliflower and the best deviled eggs I've ever tasted. If you are looking for great food, wine and atmosphere, put this place on your list.  They are located at 2300 Westheimer, and they do take reservations.

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