Scotty's Saloon

August 13, 2019

A friend of mine told me about a place called Scotty's Saloon in Richmond not too long ago so we decided to go check it out.    I assumed it was just a bar when she mentioned it and it is a bar, but it's also more.    During the day on Saturdays kids are welcome and there is a huge yard where you can play washers & cornhole.   We had lunch and enjoyed the food- kid friendly & a southern comfort type menu.  There is a full bar and they've got several beers on tap.   At night it becomes a place for adults only and they often have live music and dancing.  Sometimes they also have Karaoke and sporting event watching parties.  They are open Thursday through Sunday.  You can check them out on Facebook- just look up Scotty's Saloon at the OTP (Old Trading Post) to learn more.

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