FBISD makes safety a priority

August 12, 2019

There are over 76,000 students enrolled in FBISD and they will be returning to school this week.  In today's world, a new school year brings safety concerns for everyone.  I was very pleased to read that some of the money from the Bond that passed in 2018 has been spent to help improve the safety of the students & staff in the district.  Over 7,300 floor mounted door locks have been installed and 44 emergency call boxes are now on various campuses providing direct access to the police should their be an emergency.  In addition, a new badging system is being introduced that will show in real time when a person enters and exits the building. Students & staff will swipe a badge upon entering and an alert will sound if that person is  not registered in the system.   I hope reading about these improvements will help parents worry a bit less.  I love the fact that there are several groups of parents who are meeting at each of the schools within Sienna to pray for the safety of students & staff.  This past Saturday 20 people showed up at Ridgepoint to pray.  I'm praying its a great year for all of our students!

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